Why Hire a Process Server?

Process servers are professional and have experience serving legal documents by the book. The requirements for proper service of eviction notices are strict. Process servers are professional and have experience serving legal documents. This experience assures you that your legal document will be served properly and according to standard.

They create a comfortable and safe barrier between the property manager or owner and the tenant.  Hiring a process server creates space between the property manager or owner and the tenant, helping both parties avoid an awkward situation. Because the process server is a third party, most people understand that while serving, they are just doing their job and are therefore neutral, which can help the tenant not take the process personal.

Process servers ensure eviction case documents are served on time. When serving a legal eviction notice to a tenant, timeliness is of utmost importance. Imagine going several days into the process, or even weeks, before realizing the tenant was not properly served the documents. Knowing every step of the way and every detail therein allows the process server to serve documents on time.

Process servers give property managers or owners peace of mind during a legal eviction.  When a property manager or owner hires a process server, they can continue business as usual without interrupting their daily activities. Most property managers and owners have enough on their plate maintaining their property. The process server will provide the property manager or owner with proof of service (POS) of notices/eviction documents that have been served. The POS is signed by the server under penalty of perjury of method of service that was completed by the server with their registration number included.

In conclusion, tenants have rights, and so do property managers and owners. Process servers are an integral part of the first line of defense for property managers and owners to protect their rights and property and ensure their tenants adhere to the laws of the land.

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